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LogicalSpark is a digital solution consultancy specialising in artificial intelligence, digital solutions delivery and workflow automation. We think creatively to advise on technology strategy, design and build economical and efficient solutions, and share our knowledge to transform your talent. We advise on, evaluate and deliver solutions based on leading open source solutions, combining the right components to help clients solve their most challenging problems. With a strong open source focus within the company across a range technologies, we actively participate in the community and release software on a regular basis, with the belief that technology can act as a source of positive social change.

So if you are looking to create or get advice on a new solution or project, just say hello

What We Do

We Advise. On Strategy, Choices and Approach.

At LogicalSpark we see technology as a business enabler. From providing realtime data analysis to help set your customer strategy to the creation of dynamic rules and processes to streamline operations, harnessing technology can help you react and adapt quickly.

With our expertise we can help you evaluate your options, develop your strategy and define solution(s) that meet your objectives. We have knowledge across a range of areas including digital delivery, artificial intelligence, smart automation, search and translation, ensuring we can advise on the most complex software engineering challenges.

We believe in working closely with you to ensure any strategy is achievable and evidence based, with any initiatives we propose based on real world experience and transparent insights from your organisation.

We Build. Efficient, Reliable and Low Cost Solutions.

To deliver great solutions that have an impact on your business you need the ability to innovate quickly and reliably, learning from and adapting to users needs and their context.

We help our customers deliver such solutions by combining technical expertise, domain knowledge and business pragmatism, ensuring our solutions are both innovative and effective.

With experience across key open source products, we can combine such components and tools to rapidly develop made-to-order and cost effective solutions that help you solve your problems.

We believe in the use of Agile Delivery to provide a constant focus on your needs and business value, and where possible, make use of existing assets within your organisation to avoid duplicating effort and cost.

We Share. Our Skills and Knowledge.

Due to the fast pace of change in the technology market, evolving your approaches and tools often requires the acquisition of new skills for your teams. This is even more true in open source space where addressing an initial knowledge gap can be the catalyst to help accelerate the delivery of a solution.

We help our customers support their talent by providing both formal and informal training, mentoring or coaching across a range of disciplines, technologies and roles within our specialist areas.

We believe in enabling not preaching, so we focus on working with your teams to experience practical scenarios and equip them for delivery in the real world.

What We Use

At LogicalSpark we believe in using the right tool for the job, so we can solve problems efficiently and effectively. To do this we have become experienced in a lot of different tools for use in our solutions. Below are a few of our favourites.


  • AngularJS, Backbone, NodeJS
  • Spring Boot, Ruby, Python, PHP
  • Native iOS & Android
  • Activiti, jBPM, Drool, Camel

Data & NoSQL

  • MongoDB, Cassandra, RocksDB, Neo4J
  • R, Pentaho, D3, CKAN
  • Apache Hadoop, Spark & Kaftka
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle

Artificial Intelligence & Translation

  • Apache SystemML & Mahout
  • TensorFlow, deeplearning4j, Torch
  • Okapi Framework
  • Apache Joshua, Moses, ModernMT

Content & Search

  • Alfresco, Umbraco
  • Apache Lucene/Solr, Nutch & Tika
  • Elastic
  • OpenNLP, NTLK

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